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Quarantine Love: Harry and Meghan Bonding More than Ever

Many fans of the British royals know that senior members of the Firm are working to appear the very image of propriety. The British government says the public must social distance and “shelter-in-place” due to the severity of the novel Coronavirus? The Royal family is setting the example.

First, you have Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip shutting themselves away at Windsor Castle after beating a hasty retreat from Buckingham Palace. Then you have Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, living it up alone at their Birkhall home on the royal Balmoral estate.

But what about Prince Harry and American actress, Meghan Markle far away from the U.K.? Well, according to reports, they too are self-isolating and obeying the law of the land. When told to shelter-in-place while staying at their friend, Tyler Perry’s mansion in Los Angeles, that’s what Harry and Meghan do.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Quarantine Updates

When restrictions are relaxed, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been seen tooling about town, visiting Meghan’s mother, Doria Loyce Ragland, and occasionally helping to deliver food to the elderly who remain on lockdown.

The question on the minds of many fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is just exactly how the Coronavirus lockdown is affecting their relationship. That’s because there have been many reports, such as those from Harry’s home country, that “The coronavirus outbreak is ‘very likely’ to lead to an increase in marriage break-ups because couples are being kept in self-isolation together.” In fact, the Independent stated that, “The prediction amongst divorce lawyers is that following self-imposed confinement it is very likely that the divorce rate will rise.”

That’s not true, apparently in the case of Prince Harry and Meghan. Indeed, unnamed sources close to Harry and Meghan have claimed that the couple has only grown stronger in their love for one another since being forced to self-quarantine. Many fans of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are happy to hear this news, no doubt.

Are Meghan Markle & Harry Stronger Than Ever?

While there have been many with dire predictions about how Meghan and Harry might fall out of love and divorce once the masses are free and clear of the Coronavirus threat, there could be some valid reasons that won’t be the case.

For example, when people are forced to stay together in close quarters for a long time, some people (perhaps like Meghan and Harry) will choose to delve deeply into one another. These people may use the time truly to get to know their partners in an intimate way.

Some believe that it’s a certainty that this is what has occurred for Prince Harry and Meghan. Undoubtedly, Meghan and Harry spent time being romantically involved, playing games with one another, sipping wine and talking, and just getting close mentally, emotionally, and perhaps spiritually.

The bottom line, the takeaway here is that some fans believe that Meghan and Harry’s example is inspiring. After all, if Harry and Meghan are any indication, the Coronavirus lockdown doesn’t have to be doom and gloom or death to a relationship. Instead, just as with Prince Harry and Meghan it can be an incredible bonding experience.

With all the negative things said in the media regarding Prince Harry and Meghan, it seems this is one area they’ve gotten right.

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