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Big Brother Season 22 Spoilers: First 2020 All-Stars Cast Member Leaked?

cbs big brother season 22 spoilersBig Brother Season 22 spoilers have been hinting that Summer 2020 of the hit CBS show will be the long awaited for All-Stars cast that we have been hoping for every year.  Multiple reliable Big Brother sources have claimed that CBS has been reaching out to Big Brother alums to discuss possibly joining the cast.

Big Brother fans have been speculating for days which former cast members could be appearing on the Summer 2020 All-Stars, and one name has stuck out, Big Brother 21 star Kemi Fakunle.

Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars Cast Member Revealed

Kemi took to Twitter and sent out this mysterious message to her followers, “You only get a few once in a lifetime opportunities. Take demmmm.”  Naturally, they all assumed she was talking about being approached by CBS for the All-Stars cast.  And, Kemi didn’t exactly shut down the frenzy she created.

As if Kemi Fakunle’s hints weren’t enough, Big Brother alum Elissa Slater joined the convo and agreed with Kemi, tweeting “Yuppppp.”  Does that mean that Elissa was invited to be on Big Brother 22 as well, or just cheering on her fellow alum?

big brother kemi fakunle twitter

Big Brother Fans Anxiously Await Official All-Stars 2020 Announcement

Obviously Kemi and Elissa can’t come right out and say they are joining Season 22, but this definitely adds fuel to the fire surrounding the highly anticipated All-Stars cast.

big brother 21 kemi fakunle

At this stage in the game, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, CBS has really ran out of time to hold Big Brother casting calls and by contacting alums they can avoid all the red tape and social distancing protocols of trying to interview new cast members.

Who Will Be On Big Brother Summer 2020?

What do you think Big Brother fans, is it time for another All-Stars season?  Would you like to see Kemi or Elissa Slater on BB22?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and check back with TSV for more Big Brother Season 22 spoilers and updates right here.

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