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Days of Our Lives Spoilers (DOOL) Spoilers and Rumors: Eric Brady’s Anger Due To A Brain Tumor?

days of our lives spoilers eric brady, greg vaughanNBC Days of our Lives (DOOL) spoilers & rumors reveal that the once easy come easy go Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) is getting some unwanted attention, and maybe even a label, as a drama king. It seems that fans have noted his ongoing anger, as if he’s a pot simmering and ready to boil over.

What gives? It’s hard to explain away all of his anger due to recent events, and even if his world has been rocked, in the past he would find a way to get past it.

The former priest would visit the chapel and have a talk with God, or do the next best thing and go to Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) for some counseling.

These days he’s roughing it however, going it alone and that has plenty of viewers speculating what could be wrong him.

Days of our Lives Spoilers – Does Eric Brady have a brain tumor?

Is it possible that the former man of the cloth has a brain tumor? That would certainly explain his change in behavior. Brian tumors are classic soap plots, usually deployed to redeem a character who has gone too far and must be salvaged in fans’ eyes.

In this case Days of Our Lives’ Eric hasn’t done anything wrong (that we know of!) but a brain tumor would go a long way toward explaining his rage and put some serious drama on the canvas. Who would operate on him? Maybe a new character that would shake things up in Salem?

Days of our Lives (DOOL) Rumors – Has Eric Brady been taken over by Dr. Rolf?

Then again there is mucho precedent for Brady’s brain to have been taken over by that most evil of mad scientists, Dr. Rolf (William Utay).

Half of Salem has had a chip inserted in their brains that changed their personalities, and the other half have been resurrected from the dead or injected with some creepy serum. Any of these possibilities would explain Eric’s turn to the dark side.

NBC Days of our Lives Updates – Eric was involved in a horrific baby switch

But in the end we can’t overlook the fact that Eric may just be responding to the unfortunate turn of events which saw him discover he was a dad, and then had that joy taken away from him in a baby switch gone wrong.

That would anger up any one, even someone as saintly as Eric has been. What do you think DOOL fans, why is Eric angry all the time?

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