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Sarah Ferguson Struggling To Stay Relevant After Prince Andrew’s Banishment

sarah ferguson, prince andrew, princess eugenie, princess beatriceRoyal Family news say it may be nothing more than curious timing, but in the midst of Prince Andrew’s fall from grace, his ex-wife and current cohabitator, Sarah Ferguson, has been posting up a storm of feverishly upbeat social media publicity about herself.

She has taken to sharing videos of her reading bedtime stories to children and has been tireless in her efforts to spread the word about the woes of the coronavirus pandemic.

British Royal Family News: Sarah has posted frequent updates about COVID-19 on her Instagram page

Now she has made the announcement that she is launching a new charity called Sarah’s Trust. The name, Sarah’s Trust, has a nice ring to it doesn’t it, in light of the fact that she and Andrew have been taken to court for failing to pay £6.7 million they owe for a Swiss ski chalet?

Apparently, her charity will focus on helping NHS, care home, and hospice workers who are dealing with the crisis wrought by the coronavirus pandemic.

In fact Sarah has included her daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, (but not her controversial husband Prince Andrew) in on the project, which she says has, “personally funded and donated hundreds of items.”

She was probably wise to exempt Andrew from her Trust as he has been kicked to the curb by a number of other charities after his court-actioned behavior to date which includes being wanted for questioning by the FBI in regard to a pedophile investigation.

British Royal Family News & Updates: Sarah’s Trust reportedly will act as a bridge between philanthropists who are providing help

Sarah’s Trust will actually be an intermediary between those who give and those who receive. Apparently such a middle-man organization is needed.

This is what she has to say about her newest inspiration, “I am incredibly excited to be bringing all of my charitable causes under one roof with Sarah’s Trust. It’s something I have wanted to do for a long time.”

sarah ferguson, duchess of york, royal family updates

“We will focus on a whole range of causes, all across the world, but at this terrible time it’s right that our first projects should be to help to contend with the impact of coronavirus both at home and abroad.”

According to her it has been “humbling” to see the “incredible work” being done. “I’m proud that, working with my daughters and new colleagues at Sarah’s Trust, we’ve been able to make life a little easier for some.”

She says this in light of the fact that she and Andrew have made the life of Isabelle de Rouvre, the seller of the chalet they refuse to pay for, incredibly uneasy to the point she has had to take them to court to receive what they owe her. Just saying.

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