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TLC Sister Wives Spoilers & Updates: Christine Brown Slammed For COVID-19 Post

sister wives spoilers christine brown, kody brown wifeSister Wives 2020 updates show Christine Brown has been sharing a lot on social media, including quotes and live chats. Recently, she posted a quote about Memorial Day. In the caption, she mentioned that people need to stop worrying about COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. But what did she really mean? Are people taking it out of context?

Memorial Day Messages From Sister Wives Cast Members

It’s been almost a week since Memorial Day and nearly everyone had a special message to share. This includes some of the cast of Sister Wives. One of Kody Brown’s wives, Christine, posted a quote on Instagram with the American flag as the background.

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown: ‘Stop Worrying About COVID’

The quote itself wasn’t what got one follower’s attention. Someone picked apart her statement and wish for a better tomorrow by only referencing one sentence. The person, who has since deleted their comment, only saw one message out of that whole thing, which was “stop worrying about COVID.”

However, they were taking the entire thing out of context because that’s not what Christine was saying at all.

Remember Our Freedom and Blessings

What Christine was saying is that on Memorial Day, she wanted to stop worrying about the pandemic just for one day and focus on her blessings. She understands that a lot of lives were lost so she could live a better life.

Sister Wives Post Taken Out Of Context

Even though the ranting follower quickly deleted their comment and vanished from Instagram, not before some people read it. In its entirely, Christine wrote,

“Happy Memorial Day! During this epidemic, I think today is the perfect holiday to give us an opportunity to stop worrying about Covid and remember those who blessed our lives to help us look to a brighter today and a hopeful tomorrow! #memorialday #remember #pause #blessed”

There are about 30 comments on the post. One person said that “happy” isn’t how she feels when she remembers her brother’s death. Another said that the holiday is not “happy.” However, most understood that Christine wasn’t saying all those soldiers who died were happy, she just wanted to find the happy moments in today.

What do you think of someone taking Christine Brown’s Instagram post out of context on Memorial Day? Do you agree with the Sister Wives star in her special message? Or are you one of those that is upset about her using the word “happy” on a sad holiday?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Christine Brown right now. Come Back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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