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Sister Wives Spoilers & Updates: Kody Brown Heartless? No Support After Wife Meri’s Forest Fire Evacuation

Kody Brown sister wives updatesSister Wives 2020 updates say cast member Kody Brown is being blasted by fans after Meri Brown was forced to evacuate due to a forest fire. Robyn, Janelle, and Christine all gave Meri emotional support. However, viewers couldn’t help but ask Kody why he couldn’t at least give his first wife a hug. After all, that was an emotional, overwhelming, and frightening experience.

Forest Fire Evacuation – Sister Wives Spoilers & Updates

A few weeks ago, an episode of Sister Wives showed Meri being forced to evacuate her home due to a raging forest fire. On Friday, Meri posted on Twitter that she was so emotional at that time. Fans understood why she was so emotional as it was a traumatizing and frightening experience. Meri even admitted that day was super emotional and commented about it on social media.

Sister Wives 2020 Spoilers: Meri Brown Was Emotional

However, fans couldn’t help but note that Kody couldn’t offer Meri any emotional support during that time. One wrote that Meri was getting support and reassurance from her other sister wives, but Kody wouldn’t do it. He couldn’t even give her a hug.

Complicated Relationship and Marriage Regrets For Sister Wives Cast

The Sister Wives couple is reportedly estranged. That doesn’t mean they don’t see each other from time to time. Not only do they have a daughter together that binds them for life, but they are also both on the TLC reality show.

During the forest fire episode, Kody stunned Meri by saying he regretted their relationship. He also claimed to feel deceived into marrying her.

Fans Blast TLC Star Kody Brown For Being Heartless

On Twitter, fans rallied around Meri and offered her support. They also blasted Kody for his emotional alienation. Just because they are not getting along is no reason to withhold emotional support. It’s just being a decent human being. Some comments on Twitter include,

“@realkodybrown could have at least given some emotional support!!! Your sister wives did but not your husband???”

“I felt so bad for you & the least @realkodybrown could have done was give you a hug & say it’s going to be ok. But, nothing? Come on!! I mean, I would have even hugged a stranger if they were going through this. Move on!!! Find your WHY!!! Smh!!!”

What did you think of that episode? Are fans right about Kody being cold and heartless? Would he have hugged a stranger, but not his own wife after such a terrifying experience?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Meri Brown right now. Come Back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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