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Queen Elizabeth Has Broken Ground During COVID-19 Pandemic

Queen Elizabeth Has Broken Ground During COVID-19 PandemicIn the period of time that coronavirus has decimated the world, many are praising the royal family for the way they have handled their professional obligations with aplomb and a fierce sense of duty.

At the same time they have been recognized for giving the world a more “personal glimpse” into their own lives during the global pandemic.

Royal writer Omid Scobie was chosen to write Prince Harry and Meghan’s biography – British Royal Family Updates

Speaking to the HeirPodcast, royal writer Omid Scobie said that he thinks the royal family have revealed a more intimate look into their lives via a set of Zoom calls. The calls were made in order to celebrate nurses around the world on International Nurses Day.

According to Scobie the royal family’s effort and recognition of the nurses encapsulated the message of gratitude toward those on the frontline that the entire country is feeling during the coronavirus pandemic.

He said, “We have seen a more intimate and personal glimpse into the lives of the Royal Family that we have not had before. That continued when many of the senior family members teamed up on various calls to nurses around the world to celebrate International Nurses Day. I think that day could not have come at a better time.”

He added, “I think we are all every day so grateful for nurses, medical and care workers all across the world. This message from the Royal Family really did show that.”

Queen Elizabeth has broken new ground during the coronavirus pandemic – Royal Family News

Also in the podcast, Scobie said that 94-year old Queen Elizabeth has broken new ground when she shared audio from a private phone call that she participated in.

Scobie went on to say during the podcast that doing so on the queen’s part was a unique and rare move for Her Majesty who typically is utterly discrete when it comes to such things.

He is referring to the queen releasing audio from a private phone call with Professor Kathleen McCourt. She did so last week, and the call was made to pay tribute to the remarkable efforts of nurses who have worked throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Of this call Scobie said, “The Queen has broken new ground once again. You may not remember this but back in 1940, she gave her first public broadcast on the wireless.”

“That was speaking to children of the Commonwealth in a landmark address that was just alongside a black and white photo.”

He concluded by saying, “Here we are eight decades on and we have the Queen breaking ground again at the age of 94 sharing the first-ever broadcast of audio from a private phone call that she had made to thank nurses for their very important work.”

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