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Does Prince Philip Call The Queen “Cabbage?”

Queen Elizabeth and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh continue to remain in lockdown together at Windsor Castle but that doesn’t mean there aren’t juicy details being spilled about their long and historic relationship.

The ITV documentary Inside the Crown: Secrets of the Royals, details the pair’s decades long marriage, they were wed in 1947, and along the way spills tidbits about them.  For instance, the Queen considers Prince Phillip her “constant strength.”

The queen and king share a long and intricate relationship

Royal photographer Ken Lennox stated, “He is not the kind of man you’d expect to follow a few footsteps behind someone else. He is very forthright but he has attended to the Queen, he has represented her. He did everything he could to help her.

And now, Prince Philip’s special nickname for the Queen has been revealed!  Would you believe that of all things Philip refers to his wife as, “cabbage?!” According to Lennox, “He calls her cabbage for goodness sake! Can you imagine calling the Queen that?”

Prince Philip refers to his wife as a leafy vegetable

In the show, royal watcher Robert Hardman points out that the moment Her Majesty ascended to the throne, Philip staunchly stood by her.

“When called upon to do his duty, he was the first to swear allegiance to his new Queen. At that moment, he is subordinating himself and his role to the Queen. He is dedicating his life to her not just as husband but as defender, as her number one.”

The Queen, 94, and husband Prince Philip, 98 are now in isolation due to coronavirus concerns

At this point in time, the Queen and Philip have spent weeks together enjoying each other’s company at Windsor Castle while observing the government’s coronavirus precautionary mandates, which include social distancing.

The Queen began isolation first at the Berkshire-based castle in mid-March and shortly thereafter Philip joined her.

The Duke of Edinburgh and Her Majesty have now spent weeks together at Windsor Castle

While this togetherness may seem routine for most married couples, it’s not the case for the queen and her husband. In fact, the pair usually live apart and typically reunite at Windsor Castle for the Easter holidays.

The rest of the year, according to royal insiders, the 98-year-old Philip can usually be found spending his days and nights at Wood Farm on the Queen’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk.

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