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EastEnders Spoilers: New £87million Albert Square Set Over Budget, Will BBC Soap Have To Make Cuts?

BBC Soap EastEnders Spoilers Queen VicAerial photos show that the new Albert Square set is coming along nicely with many of the buildings taking shape including the iconic Queen Vic pub, terraced houses and garden all nearing completion.

According to EastEnders updates, busy workers were seen at work on the new £87million soap set in Elstree Studios, London and it looks like the expensive project is nowhere near completion.

The show has undertaken an extensive rebuild of Albert Square, with the new set being constructed right next door to the original set.

Previously the popular Queen Vic pub had been hidden from prying eyes by plastic sheeting as well as scaffolding as work commenced on the new building. However, the pale brick outside of the pub is now clearly visible and by the looks of it will be stunning.

Nonetheless, while the facades may be astonishing, the bill is exorbitant, and the BBC has taken criticism over the nearly £90million price tag.

EastEnders Soap Spoilers – The new EastEnders set will be breathtaking and expensive

On the new set the back of the terraced houses were also on view and it’s clear that the windows have yet to be put in. Pictures also show the railway bridge being inspected.

The project, nicknamed E20 for the soap’s fictitious postcode, is definitely running over budget and past its initial debut date. With a price tag of £87million, the set is a whopping £27million over budget. Adding to the BBC’s woes, the set is now projected to open almost five years later than expected, in May 2023.

BBC EastEnders spoilers – Will the residents of Albert Square ever be settled into their new set?

MPs has accused the BBC bosses of mismanaging the construction of the set and misjudging the project management skills that would be needed to complete such a massive undertaking.

Nonetheless, hopes are high that the cast and crew will be in the new buildings at some point sooner rather than later, and that the extra time and money was worth it.

EastEnders 2020 Spoilers – When will filming resume on EastEnders?

Also up for debate is when the iconic BBC soap will resume filming new episodes as the cast and crew have taken an extended hiatus due to coronavirus precautions and mandates.

A source recently told The Sun, “Filming will have to resume at some point and bosses say June is the benchmark. With strict social distancing and extra precautions on set they think EastEnders could make the transition.”

“But they appreciate the health and safety of the cast and crew is paramount and should the lockdown restrictions be tightened, filming will, of course, not take place.”

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