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Is TLC Seeking Sister Wife Cancelled?

seeking sister wife dimitri snowden, ashley snowden, vanessa cobbsDid TLC cancel Seeking Sister Wife?  The wildly popular reality show took on the popular polygamy theme on TLC, and actually followed the lives of polygamist families as they searched for, interviewed, dated, and even married a new Sister Wife.  Seeking Sister Wife Season 2 finale aired in April 2019, and fans have been anxiously awaiting news on Season 3.

When Will TLC Seeking Sister Wife Return?

Will there be a Seeking Sister Wife Season 3?  Season 1 and Season 2 both aired on TLC after the most recent seasons of Sister Wives [starring Kody Brown and his Family].  So, TLC viewers expected Seeking Sister Wife to kick off a few weeks ago, but not a peep from the network or reality TV stars regarding a new season.

Breakout star Ashley Snowden addressed rumors about Seeking Sister Wife on social media a few weeks ago.  Dimitri Snowden’s wife was rather vague, and gave fans a glimmer of hope by stating as soon as as knew something, she would pass it on.

It’s very possible that production and/or filming of Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Outdaughtered Returns To TLC, Is Seeking Sister Wife Next?

In an interesting twist, TLC announced this month that the popular series Outdaughtered would be returning, featuring the Busby quints.  Apparently, Adam Busby and his Family were in the middle of filming a surprise new season when Coronavirus hit.

The fact that TLC was working on a new season of Outdaughtered, and no one had said a peep about it gave Seeking Sister Wife fans hope that the network also was working on Season 3 of the polygamy series as well and had managed to keep that under wraps too.

What do you think?  Is Seeking Sister Wife cancelled, or has TLC been secretly working on Season 3 and managed to keep it quiet just like Outdaughtered?

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