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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Attacked By Loose Women Cast

Prince Harry, Meghan MArkleOn the talk show Loose Women the hosts had a merry old time sticking it to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in a remarkably candid and blistering on air discussion.

In particular, Ruth Langsford, Linda Robson, Saira Khan and Jane Moore questioned the reasoning behind the pair’s new biography due to be released in August.

However, that may not be a hard date as sources have revealed that Meghan wishes the book to be released even earlier in a bid to de-diva her image. Yep, demanding changes like that will go a long way toward making her seem un-diva-ish. Sheesh.

Meghan and Harry’s sanctioned bio is due to be released this summer

The ladies did not hold back on their opinions of the thirsty twosome, with Saira saying that she felt they had “abandoned” Britain and Linda called the book a “money-spinner.” The soon to be released thriller is titled, Finding Freedom: Harry, Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family.

Saira’s parents are from Pakistan and told the other ladies, “’I was a really big Harry and Meghan fan. When they got married, for me, it was the first mixed marriage in the Royal Family. I thought there was loads of hope and excitement – and then it got dark very quickly.’

“I feel they really abandoned the British people so I’m not actually going to be really very interested in what they are doing. For many of us who were Harry and Meghan fans, I just feel like they’ve abandoned us.”

Is Heghan’s book merely a money grab?

Jane was quick to agree with her fellow host saying, “They’ve pushed back against the British so much – not everybody, but I think the majority of the British public think, “Well alright then if you don’t want us to have anything to do with you that’s absolutely fine! But why should they then go out and buy this book?”

To this Linda asked the glaring question on many people’s minds, “What about the money? You get a lot of money for these biographies don’t you? Where’s the money going?”

For her part Ruth sounded like she was trying to be the voice of reason when she said, “I’m too nosy not to read it. Maybe we’ll get what they want to say in more detail. ‘So I’m thinking maybe I’ll wait until I read it to decide what I think of the way they’ve left the country and how they felt about things.”

Will their new book change the way people think of Harry and Meghan?

The book was written by journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand who were handpicked by the couple as trustworthy and suitable to tell their tale. It will be available worldwide online on August 11, and the hard copy goes on sale on August 20.

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