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Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Is Moving On – Kody Brown Down A Wife?

Meri Brown 2020, Sister wives updatesSister Wives 2020 spoilers & updates hint Kody Brown may be down a wife.  Is Meri Brown finally a single lady on Sister Wives? Some fans are speculating that the lovely lady has finally left Kody Brown following a mysterious Instagram post this week. Could it be that she was hinting about a separation? If so many fans will rejoice after what they saw as an unhealthy relationship between these two.

Sister Wives 2020 Spoilers: Has Meri Brown kicked Kody to the curb?

You can decide for yourself what Meri meant by her post which reads, “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. Do the thing you think you cannot do.” What do you think she was getting at?

Many fans seized on the phrases, “look fear in the face,” and “thing you think you cannot do” speculating that it meant a breakup for the Sister Wives couple.

Responses to the post were varied, with some saying she should have left Kody years ago for a real man, and lots of celebratory words in case she has indeed left him. Others encouraged her by saying they hope she finds strength and courage to leave Kody because she deserves much better.  One fan noticed that Meri wasn’t wearing a ring in the pic that accompanied her post!

Are Meri Brown and Kody still together?

It’s true that Meri wasn’t wearing her ring, but that could mean any number of things. And it’s not the first time she has hasn’t worn her ring, as other Insta pics show her without the bauble.  Still, there’s no denying that relations between the two have been rocky.

The Sister Wives Couple’s Latest Drama

Legally Kody and Meri were divorced in 2014. But that was in a court of law, and in their own hearts and minds, these two still have a relationship. Also in the eyes of their religion, these two are still connected.

Why divorce if they’re still together? The divorce happened so that Kody could legally marry Robyn, a move which allowed him to adopt her children. Still, many fans interpreted the procedure as awfully disrespectful to first wife Meri.

Meri Brown’s Sister Wives Scandals

However, Meri herself has had bumps in the road. For instance, she was ensnared in a catfish scandal leading her to fall in love with someone else, a woman.

Meri made it known in the last season of Sister Wives that things were not good in her marriage. Does her mysterious post mean that the end has come for Meri Brown and Kody on Sister Wives?

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