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TLC Little People Big World Spoilers: Caryn Chandler Trying To Erase Amy From Roloff Farms

Little People Big World Cast Caryn Chandler, Matt RoloffLittle People Big World spoilers show that Caryn Chandler is at it again, and Matt Roloff’s girlfriend is throwing not-so-subtle shade at Amy Roloff on the TLC reality TV show.

Little People Big World’s most recent episodes have focused on Amy Roloff’s mother’s passing and her engagement to long-time boyfriend Chris Marek.  While Amy has been busy planning funerals, weddings, and moving off the farm, Caryn Chandler has been convincing Matt Roloff it’s time to turn the Roloff Family pumpkin farm in to a vineyard.

Little People Big World Divorce: The Gloves Are Off

Since Little People Big World new episodes returned in 2020, it appears that the gloves are off between Amy Roloff and Matt and Caryn Chandler.  The fake kindness and courtesies have definitely gone out the window, a lot of the hostility comes from Amy’s recent tell-all book that didn’t exactly paint Matt Roloff in an amazing light.

Caryn Chandler has become much more snarky, and has been dropping shade left and right with a fake smile on her face.  On the latest Little People, Big World episode, Caryn revealed that she and Matt are now planting grapes on the Roloff Farm, because she thinks it is important for them to have their own crop, she wants to make her own mark on the Roloff Farm.

Roloff Farm Future On Little People Big World

Matt Roloff has been hemming and hawing about selling Roloff Farms, and giving up their traditional pumpkin season, which brings in thousands of people a year.

Clearly, Caryn is not a fan of pumpkin season, seeing as how it was Matt and Amy Roloff’s baby.  So, according to Little People Big World spoilers, she and Matt are moving forward with their grape vines.

Little People Big World Spoilers: Caryn Chandler’s Sour Grapes

Some day soon, Roloff Pumpkin Farm could be renamed Roloff and Caryn Chandler’s Vineyard.  It’s safe to say that Matt and Amy’s divorce is getting less and less cordial.  And, Caryn Chandler is determined to erase Amy Roloff from the farm, and anything she helped build while she was there, including a decades old business.

Do you think Caryn Chandler is going too far?  Let us know in the comments below, and check back here for other Little People Big World news and updates.

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