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Sister Wives Spoilers: Are Meri Brown And Kody Still Together?

Sister Wives Cast, Meri Brown 2020Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Meri Brown and Kody Brown are still not in a good place, which isn’t surprising after the now infamous therapy sessions between the couple that aired on TLC.

Sister Wives fans know that Meri Brown and Kody Brown’s relationship has been a mess for years, it’s been all downhill since Meri’s catfishing scandal.  Are Meri Brown and Kody Brown still together?

Sister Wives 2020: Are Meri and Kody Brown Still Together?

Legally speaking, Meri Brown has not been Kody Brown’s legal wife on paper for several years, but considering their polygamy lifestyle, that’s not cause for concern. As far as their “spiritial marriage,” if there was a such thing as a “spiritual divorce,” it’s safe to say one of them would have filed the papers by now.

Meri Brown and Kody’s issues finally came to a head on Sister Wives Season 14 when the couple attended heated therapy sessions.  We knew Meri and Kody were not doing well, but no TLC fans were prepared for the nasty words Kody had for his first wife.

TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown And Meri’s Therapy Sessions

In one instance at therapy, the Sister Wives star scoffed, “I cannot be her Jesus. I tried doing that for years…I got a rescue complex. All I’m trying to point out here is, it’s just exhausting sometimes.”  

Even Meri and Kody Brown’s therapist, who is paid to be neutral, pointed out that Kody had some serious control issues and she couldn’t think of a single instance that he didn’t get his way in the end.  Haven’t Sister Wives fans been saying this for years?

Meri Brown Instagram, Sister Wives Cast Updates

At this stage in the game, it’s pretty clear that Meri Brown is sticking around because she doesn’t want to give up her family, her fellow Sister Wives, and their children.  She’s definitely not staying in the family because she wants to be around Kody Brown.

Sister Wives Updates: Is Meri Brown Moving On?

Since the Sister Wives Season 14 finale aired, Meri Brown seems to be dropping hints that she is single and moving on from Kody Brown on social media.  Meri recently made a subtle post and captioned it, “There will always be someone who can’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you.”

Do you think there’s hope for Meri Brown and Kody Brown?  Share your thoughts in the comments below, and check here for other Sister Wives spoilers & updates.

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