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Sister Wives Spoilers 2020: Who Is The Fifth Sister Wife, Kody Brown’s Secret Bride?

Sister Wives Cast - Kody Brown Fifth Wife 2020Sister Wives spoilers and rumors have been hinting for years that Kody Brown was taking on a fifth wife.  Although, Kody Brown and his TLC family have shut down rumors in the past, they seem to be completely mute about the mysterious Leah Marie Brown.

Who is the fifth Sister Wife on TLC?  Well, there may not be one.  However, earlier this year Sister Wives fans went in to a talk spin when a mysterious new wife popped up on the Sister Wives Wikipedia page.  The website listed Leah Marie Brown as Kody’s new wife, and stated that Brown had married her in February 2019.  Even more interesting was the fact that her birth year was listen as 1990, making her over 20 years younger than Kody Brown.

Sister Wives 2020: Who Is Kody Brown’s Fifth Wife?

The mysterious fifth wife vanished from the Sister Wives Wiki page just as quickly as she arrived, and left TLC fans completely baffled.  Kody Brown and his other wives never even addressed Leah Marie Brown, leaving more questions than answers.

Does Kody Brown have a fifth wife?  If he does, the Brown Family has done an amazing job of keeping her a secret, which you have to admit is odd.  It seems like every season of Sister Wives features some sort of financial setback, and it’s no secret Kody Brown has been plagued by bankruptcies, if they could add another reality TV paycheck to their family, wouldn’t they jump on it?

Sister Wives Updates: Does Leah Marie Brown Exist?

Also, how is it even possible Kody Brown, his four wives, and their umpteen children all managed not to slip up and mention fifth wife Leah Marie Brown at some point, or get spotted out and about with her?

Plus, one thing everyone seems to be forgetting is that ANYONE can edit Wikipedia pages.  If the information turns out to be inaccurate, the website removes it, which could explain where Leah Marie Brown disappeared to.  Do you think Kody Brown has a secret fifth wife?  Let us know in the comments below and check back for more Sister Wives 2020 spoilers and updates.


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