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Love and Hip Hop Miami: Are Amara La Negra and Emjay Still Dating?

Amara La Negra, Emjay Johnson Love and Hip Hop MiamiLove and Hip Hop Miami 2020 brought a lot of drama, including Amara La Negra and Emjay’s whirlwind romance and prompt break-up.

Amara La Negra is a Love and Hip Hop Miami fan favorite and often referred to as LHHMIA’s breakout star. Amara La Negra has “the look,” the voice, and the star power, but horrible choice in men and a pretty sad relationship track record.

Love and Hip Hop Miami Cast – Amara La Negra and Emjay Johnson

Emjay Johnson arrived on Love and Hip Hop Miami 2020 as Shay Johnson’s brother, and Amara’s new live-in boyfriend. Amara and Emjay were cute at first, and fans could almost support them, but in every episode Emjay got a little more creepy and by the end of this season of Love and Hip Hop Miami fans were officially over him and so was Amara La Negra.

After Amara learned that Emjay was officially a bum, who made a career out of living off women, she kicked him to the curb. Part of the demise of Emjay and Amara’s relationship was their drama over Jullian Boothe, who Emjay claimed tried to put the moves on his girlfriend. Interestingly, Amara wasn’t too upset about her manager getting handsy with her, and word on the streets was that Amara and Jullian Boothe have actually been hooking up for quite a while.

Love and Hip Hop Miami – Where Is Amara La Negra’s Boyfriend Emjay Johnson Now?

Now that Love and Hip Hop Miami is over this season, fans are dying to get some Amara La Negra dating updates. Is she back together with Emjay, still secretly seeing Jullian Boothe, or moving on to biggerand better?

As of right now, it appears Amara La Negra is free of leach Emjay Johnson. If he is still living at her house rent free, she must have him stashed away in a closet because she she has been posting on social media like a mad woman and eagle eyed Love and Hip Hop Miami fans have scoured the background of her photos and videos to see if there are any signs of Emjay, and his stuff in her shots. So far, so good, it looks like Amara is officially done dating Emjay Johnson.

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