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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Erica Dixon’s Baby Daddy Is Not Up For Discussion

Erica Dixon Love and Hip Hop, TwinsLove and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Erica Dixon flipped her lid on Instagram after one of her followers brought up her baby-daddy drama.

Erica Dixon just gave birth to two adorable twin girls, and the internet has gone crazy trying to figure out who her new baby-daddy is. But, years ago, Erica Dixon had a daughter with Lil Scrappy, 15 year old Emani.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Who Is The Father Of Erica Dixon’s Twins?

Despite the fact that Erica Dixon has a new baby-daddy and is raising twins, while Scrappy has clearly moved on with Bambi and their family, LHHATL fans are still bringing up Scrappy and Erica’s drama from over a decade ago.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Erica Dixon And Lil Scrappy Updates

Erica Dixon posted a cute snapshot of herself and her stylist, and wished him a Happy Birthday. Somehow the post quickly spiraled, and her followers went off in the comment section, arguing about her relationship with Lil Scrappy. Ironically, Erica and Scrappy could care less anymore, so we’re a little baffled as to why LHHATL fans still seem to care so much.

Erica Dixon was not having it, and it’s safe to say her baby-daddy Lil Scrappy is not up for discussion. Erica quickly put the Instagram troll in their place and snapped, “Whew child you pressed!! I left him SLOW-IESHA!! While you checking for me do ya fact check too.  Scrappy put himself on child support. I’ve always had my own before, during and after him. I’m great over here boo. Life is grand!!! And clearly you can’t read BUMBLEINA!!!! Let me help you…the guy in the  picture is my WARDROBE STYLIST”

No wonder Erica Dixon won’t reveal her twins’ baby daddy, look at how you all are still acting about Lil Scrappy!

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