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Camilla Parker-Bowles Practicing Her Ballet Skills During Coronavirus (Covid-19) Lockdown

Camilla Parker-BowlesCamilla Parker-Bowles might be in coronavirus lockdown just like millions of other people around the world, but she’s certainly not wasting any of her time. In fact, there are new reports that say the Duchess of Cornwall is ballet-dancing her way through quarantine as a way to not only pass the time but also keep in shape. Here’s what you need to know.

Camilla Parker-Bowles Is Practicing Her Ballet Skills During Coronavirus (Covid-19) Lockdown

Even though the entire British royal family is currently in self-isolation, they are still reaching out to the public through either Zoom or telephone calls. This past week Camilla reached out to the Royal Academy of Dance to share her experiences with the retired ballerina, Dame Darcey Brussell. She said that she recently took up ballet after watching a Silver Swans class in 2018 left her both impressed and eager to try it out on her own.

Recalling that moment, during her phone conversation, Camilla told Darcey Brussell, “I thought, ‘Oh dear, what on earth is this going to be?’ I thought it’s going to be a lot of very ancient people like me, wobbling about on one leg. I couldn’t believe how good everybody was. They were so impressive!”

The Duchess went on to say that she has been taking regular classes with several of her friends and needless to say, everyone has been enjoying the experience so much so that they are also practicing at home right now during the coronavirus lockdown. Camilla is currently with Prince Charles at their estate in Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Camilla continued, “I thought it was going to be very funny and I was going to laugh at everybody toppling over, but I think we concentrate so hard we don’t even know what our friend next door is doing.”

British Royal News – Camilla Urging Everyone To Stay In Shape

Even though people are feeling very restricted because of the stay-at-home orders, Camilla said that it’s now more important than ever before to exercise and take care of our physical health.

The Duchess added, “I think we have all got to keep active — if we don’t we will just seize up and, you know, we won’t be able to get out of bed in the morning. It doesn’t matter what it is, 10 minutes or 20 minutes, it just starts off the day and I do a sort of combination: a bit of Silver Swans and a bit of pilates and a lot of walking, which I love.”

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