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Prince Harry Update: Was Meghan Markle ‘In The Driving Seat’ Behind Couple’s Move To California?


Some don’t believe Meghan Markle’s version of reality, including the court of law, and the UK Prime Minister’s father. What did she ever do to deserve such truth telling?

Today the court delivered Meghan Markle a devastating blow in her lawsuit which blamed the big, bad media for her problems with her father, and claimed that the press had treated her in a not very nice way.

Legal eagles used words like, “disaster,” “humiliation,” “irrelevant,” and, “inadequate,” to describe what has been called an ill-advised lawsuit.

Speaking to MailOnline, Gavin Millar QC, of Matrix Chambers, said her case was overblown, and if it had been allowed to proceed as it was presented, “it would have a chilling effect on freedom of speech.”

Now Stanley Johnson, the Prime Minister’s father, is sharing his thoughts about Meghan and her behavior.

Was Meghan Markle behind her and Prince Harry’s decision to leave Britain?

According to Johnson, there is no doubt that Meghan is in the, “driving seat,” of her marriage, and was behind Megxit–her and Prince Harry’s jaw dropping decision to abandon the UK and the royal family.

Johnson wrote in Saga magazine, “Whose decision was it, I wonder, to build a new life in North America? I can’t help thinking that Meghan, as we must now call her, played a leading role here.”

And yet the public has been led to believe that Harry made the decision in a bid to protect his family from the mean media.

Johnson had a few words to say about Meghan Markle

“’The Duchess of Sussex clearly has tremendous charm and talent, but I’m not sure she sets great store by the book of Ruth,” adding, “For a man, home may be simply the place he hangs his hat. But for a woman, certainly for an American woman like Meghan, choosing where to live is an absolutely key decision.”

He added, “You and your spouse can’t both be in the driving seat. To adapt Princess Diana’s famous saying, there’s not always room for two people in a marriage!”

Heghan are now based in California where she grew up

Johnson stated that he was very sad to see the couple depart the UK and the royal family for a financially independent life in America.

Despite their proclaimed desire for financial independence, the couple have mansion-hopped ever since ditching the UK, depending on the kindness of strangers to live out their new and shiny lifestyle.

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