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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Ki’Yomi Speaks Out On Bow Wow Drama

Ki’Yomi is new to “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”. People don’t really know her besides the whole thing she had with Bow Wow. Bow Wow and Ki’Yomi used to date. They were together when they got into a fight and it escalated into a physical altercation in the elevator.

People Don’t Really Know Her Besides The Whole Thing She Had With Bow Wow

It even became this huge thing. Ki’Yomi was soon known as the “elevator girl” for a while and nowadays she’s been fighting the same label since joining the new season of the hot reality tv series. She’s tried telling friends that she’s moved on. And she had admitted to several people that she is a survivor of domestic violence.

According to Urban Belle, “Kiyomi Leslie and Bow Wow’s altercation will be discussed again on the upcoming episode of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.” But this time Erica Mena will be the one to have a conversation with Kiyomi. Years ago, Erica was actually engaged to Bow Wow. The breakup wasn’t pretty either”.

Bow Wow Simple Was Not Good Boyfriend Material

Its an actually an understatement to merely use the words “not pretty” for the Mena and Bow Wow breakup. He was truly a jerk. He told his fans how he was the one to pull Mena from the reality gutter and he did everything put his own girlfriend down while he claimed he was her savior.

Bow Wow simple was not good boyfriend material. Mena figured that out and so too did Ki’Yomi. Ki’Yomi handled the fallout of that altercation rather well. She told her side of the story in interviews and social media and she never backed down. Mena told Ki’Yomi how proud she was of her for handling the way things went down. Mena has been there herself and so the two were able to bond over their experiences.

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