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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Joseline Hernandez Isn’t The Only Thing Stevie J and DJ Balistic Share

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Joseline Hernandez

Does Joseline Hernandez have a type? The “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star has been shown with her new man around town and fans were saying he looks a lot like her ex Stevie J. Stevie J and Hernandez had a toxic relationship. They were together for several years and most of them he spent cheating on her with someone else. If it wasn’t the cheating, it was the blatant disrespect.

Love And Hip Hop Miami Spoilers

Stevie never respected Hernandez. He treated her horribly and he couldn’t even go ahead with actually marrying her. He fake married Hernandez. They pretended to be married for the publicity and still, he questioned their child when she first revealed she was pregnant.

Stevie has changed his tune since then. He’s stepped up to be a father. He was also awarded primary custody of their daughter for a while and that had thrown Hernandez. She went into a tailspin. She broke down on tv and her man did his best to support her. DJ Ballistic Beats seemed like a good guy at first.

Love And Hip Hop Miami Spoilers

He claimed he wanted to be there for Hernandez and so people didn’t start worrying signs until he blew up at her. Beats had thrown a fit when he saw Hernandez flirting with another man. He demanded she treats him like a king because he says he’s always treated her like a queen and then the worst thing possible happened. Hernandez kissed his feet in apology.

Love And Hip Hop Miami Spoilers

The whole kissing of the feet thing was disturbing. Hernandez humiliated herself over a man and it once again reminded people of her time with Stevie. Stevie and Beats had similarities. They also looked like. Hernandez posted a photo of her with Beats on social media and when people weren’t claiming he looked just like Stevie- they were wondering about the ring on his finger. Did Beats and Hernandez get married? Or is this once again another.

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