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TLC Sister Wives Update: Kody Brown Speaks Out On Granddaughter’s Disease

Sister Wives Kody Brown 2020Sister Wives updates reveal Kody Brown is convinced that granddaughter Evie Brush will not be hindered by her FATCO diagnosis. Is Kody being too optimistic considering the severity of her condition?

TLC Sister Wives Update: Kody Brown Says Evie Brush Is Special

Sisterwives Kody tweeted during the April 12th season finale saying that “Evie is a force. Maybe the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. I don’t think she will be hindered by her FATCO diagnosis.”

However, grandmother Janelle Brown says that with the issues with Evie’s legs, she may have to have prosthesis to be able to function because one leg is bowed and one leg bone is missing.

Although many children lead normal lives with a prosthesis, Evie also has issues with her fingers as well. She could have issues writing just as well as issues walking. Could Kody be too optimistic about the baby’s diagnosis? After all, they won’t know what needs to be done until after she is a year old according to her mother Maddie Brown Brush.

Sister Wives 2020: Kody Brown Says The Waiting Was Surreal

Sisterwives Kody wasn’t there when his granddaughter was born. By the time Kody flew into North Carolina, but Maddie and Evie had been transferred to the hospital. Evie had issues maintaining her breathing and had to be transferred to the hospital.

Kody says when he arrived, everyone was “in a fog”. Kody stated that everyone was in shock and didn’t know what was going on with the baby at the time. However, now, according to Janelle, Evie, who is about eight months old, is trying to stand and take a few steps.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Maddie Brown Brush Was Hesitant to Share The Diagnosis

Sister Wives’ Maddie was hesitant to share Evie’s diagnosis because of the fact that people can be cruel and she didn’t want her daughter to be cyberbullied. Maddie remembers getting out of her ultrasound and being stunned by the term limb difference. Maddie couldn’t even correctly pronounce her daughter’s diagnosis at the time.

Evie Brush was born last August but it was a couple of months before the Brush family decided to share her diagnosis because ultimately, it came down to possibly helping another parent struggling to accept this diagnosis with their child. Like any mother, when faced with such a diagnosis, Maddie Brown blamed herself but no one knows what causes FATCO so Maddie cannot blame herself.

Evie is loved by everyone in her family and her brother Axel Brush adores his little sister. Evie doesn’t seem to be letting this slow her down one bit. Can this little girl lead a normal life with her disabilities? What steps will have to taken to help Evie down the road?

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