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Love and Hip Hop New York Cast Member Joe Budden Quits His Hit Show

Joe Budden has quit his hit show. The man himself appears to be over the drama that surrounded him last season on “Love & Hip Hop: NY”. He was in middle of a possible love triangle between his exes Cyn Santana and Tahiry Jose.

The Man Himself Appears To Be Over The Drama That Surrounded Him Last Season On “Love & Hip Hop: NY”

Both women argued over him. They created several scenes and it had looked like Cyn was winning when she showed up arm in arm with her ex-fiancé/baby daddy. Cyn and Joe have been working on their relationship.

They still have to co-parent. There also appeared to be some hope for their romantic relationship in the beginning and now that was all over. Joe went on record to say it was over.

“Although they struggled to hash things out on the show, Joe gave an update on their relationship on his podcast. He said that he’s in a great place with Cyn. So when producers of LHHNY called him up recently to film, he refused. He feels like his story with Cyn is over so there’s no need for him to stay on the show.”

Joe Recorded A Video Of Himself In Middle Of This Lockdown In NYC And His New Girlfriend Made An Appearance

It also doesn’t hurt that he’s in a new relationship. Joe recorded a video of himself in middle of this lockdown in NYC and his new girlfriend made an appearance. Her name is Shadee Monique. She and Joe were rumored to be seeing each other a year ago and it looks like they were back on.

Shadee is a fresh start for Joe. He probably doesn’t want to open himself up to all the drama that show would have created and so he’s making moves to protect this relationship as well as the one he has with Cyn. He quit LHHNY. He’s sticking with his podcast and for now he seems happy.

It will be sad to see him go, but its for the best!

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