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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Apryl Jones Stirs Up Controversy

Apryl Jones is back in the headlines. “The mother of two, son Megaa and daughter A’mei with singer and former boyfriend Omarion, knows that her body is fire. So, of course, she wears clothes that not only complement her figure, but most importantly give fans several reasons to do a double take.

She Wears Clothes That Not Only Complement Her Figure, But Most Importantly Give Fans Several Reasons To Do A Double Take.

Such was the case when Jones slid into a body-hugging Fashion Nova dress that crisscrossed her body with leopard print and a solid black side. Revealing just a smidgen of underboob with the keyhole top, Jones had tongues wagging”.

Her new look is garnering much attention. Jones’s fans came out in full force to call her beautiful and this story would have ended there if Jones hadn’t written that caption.

Jones wrote “Tiger queenin in my @fashionnova fashionnovapartner 🐅🐅🐅”. She most likely wrote as it a joke because of its connection to the breakout Netflix show “Tiger King”. The show highlights how people use animals as aphrodisiacs and Jones’s dress certainly made her appear very sexy. But fans weren’t really feeling it.

Fans Were Quick To Point Out That She Was Wearing Cheetah Print And Not Tiger Print.

They were quick to point out that she was wearing cheetah print and not tiger print. They then began calling her dumb for not realizing the difference between the two prints. It all just suddenly devolved from there. Fans kept harping about the two prints being very different and so Jones responded. She sorta had to. She wrote:

“yeah I know you all tell me that sh-t! Lmao”

“yeah yeah heard it alll before lol”

“welp y’all get the point sh-t lol”

All Jones wanted to do was show off her dress. She had no idea that it would spark a debate on animal prints or that her own fans would begin dragging her.

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