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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Tommie Lee Has Some Explaining To Do

Love & Hip Hop; Atlanta Tommie LeeTommie Lee is out here modeling. “Lee, a former reality star from “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta,” posted a photo to Instagram that portrayed her strutting her stuff down a walkway. Lee touched her face with one hand and walked a brown puppy in the other.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Spoilers

Lee, 35, barely wore any clothing during her late-night walk, and people thought she looked breathtaking in her revealing ensemble”. But by people they mean men. No woman can watch Tommie Lee go out at night in skimpy clothing and with a small dog as protection and think “oh, boy her life is enviable”.

Women are thinking about safety concerns. Lee has a dog and someone taking photos of her, but does she have security? Is she safe doing all of this? There is also the question of why Lee is doing this. She can’t exactly go to a restaurant and be seen being her glamourous self anymore.

The pandemic ruined a lot of things for a lot of people. Lee now has to be seen setting up moments to be glamourous. She’s also wearing something she knows will grab attention. Her outfit was, in fact, lingerie and so the only thing protecting her from April weather is a short fur coat she wore that happens to match her dog’s mane.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Spoilers

Lee looks ridiculous. She could have saved herself the effort and stayed home. She risked her health over nothing and if she’s as well off  she claims then her dog could have played in the backyard.

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