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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Spoilers: Is Lyrica Anderson’s New Son About A1 Bentley?

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: Lyrica AndersonThere are rumors circulating around Lyrica Anderson’s new song. The “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star has been very public about the problems in her marriage to A1 Bentley and so some may be reading more into Lyrica’s new song than she intended.

Love And Hip Hop Hollywood Spoilers – Her Song Marriot

Her song was “Marriot” seems to reference a rocky relationship. Her lyrics were about giving someone space. She or at least people wrote the words “Okay I get it / You need space now / You need time now / Just to process / Shared my soul with you / I feel like a fool / How you soon forget I f****d up with you.” And so that’s left everyone wondering about Bentley.

What is he up to? Bentley and his wife Anderson weren’t going to be returning for this upcoming season of their hit show. This comes after years of drama. “Anderson was first a supporting cast member in the show’s third season and has been a main cast member ever since. As for Bentley, he was a supporting cast member in the third and fourth seasons and has been a main cast member since the fifth season. In their first couple of seasons, most of their storylines revolved around the drama between their mothers, Lyrica Garrett and Pam Bentley”.

“However, later seasons have chronicled the relationship problems between the couple. Both have had instances of cheating. The most prominent of the plot points was when K. Michelle accused Anderson of cheating on Bentley with Safaree Samuels”.

Love And Hip Hop Hollywood Spoilers – Family Drama

The family drama aside, the whole cheating thing was probably the true problem in their marriage. Neither knew what loyalty meant much less displayed it with each other and so no wonder they’re struggling. They should go see a marriage counselor about it. They shouldn’t be writing songs or cast blame.

Which is what the song sounds like.

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