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Little People Big World 2020 Spoilers: Matt Roloff Says LPBW Drama Is Fake – Making Up Drama With Amy To Save Show

Little People Big World Cast Matt RoloffIs Little People Big World fake?  With questions about other TLC shows being scripted, it’s very interesting that now, Matt Roloff from Little People Big World says that he and ex-wife Amy Roloff “created drama” for viewership. Fans have to wonder, was this their idea or a network requirement.

Little People Big World Cast – Jacob Roloff Left The Show

LPBW Jacob Roloff left the show and says he will never be back even though fans have suggested that he make a few guest appearances. Jacob Roloff says he would watch the show and set back and laugh at the drama. Jacob may not be happy with Little People Big World but his mother claims otherwise.

Little People Big World News – Amy Claims Her Emotions Were True

LPBW’s Amy Roloff disagrees with both Matt and Jacob claiming that her emotions were always true. And while this is believable to a point, if Amy has such a rough time getting along with Matt and Caryn Chandler, why is she inviting them to her wedding?

Amy knows this is going to cause drama so why create it unless it is for the viewership? Why would she not want her wedding to be peaceful instead of a possible circus? Amy claims that she has stuck it out this long because they are real saying “it felt real the three hours I was in the situation.”

Little People Big World Divorce – Matt Roloff Begs To Differ

LPBW’s Matt says he and Amy have tried to create drama by arguing over what to call the lot on the farm. Matt also says that he pokes people to make drama. So perhaps Amy is true to her emotions because Matt is pushing her buttons? It is highly unlikely that Matt was told to cause drama on his own.

Everyone involved would have to be in on it to make this drama work on Little People Big World episodes. One would almost have to wonder if the drama or not drama argument is simply to create drama as well. After all, publicity is publicity, isn’t it?

Drawing attention to the show is the point of the drama and that is exactly what this argument is doing as well. I guess fans are left to decide who is making the most drama and why. Whatever the case, the show is certainly popular and their Instagram post of two be or not to be is drawing attention.

Little People Big World News – Amy Roloff’s Wedding

Whether or not the drama is fake, Little People Big World fans continue to watch no matter what. Perhaps after the wedding fans can decide what is real and what is not. In that meantime, the stars can hash out their opinion on social media while fans sit back and watch the fallout.

However, TLC executives should realize that Reality shows are supposed to be about real life, not scripted or fake. Creating drama could backfire and cause viewers to stop tuning in if the stars are going to go to social media and claim their actions are fake.

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