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Taxpayers say it is time for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to pay back cost of fixing up Frogmore Cottage

Not pleased with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle skipping out on their debt, The Taxpayers’ Alliance and anti-monarchy website Republic today called for the pair to pay back the money spent repairing the residence they briefly lived in prior to fleeing to America.

It is estimated that £2.4million was used to renovate Frogmore Cottage, which the couple then deemed not conducive to their needs.

Speaking to MailOnline, a spokesperson for the Taxpayers’ Alliance said, “Taxpayers would welcome the news of the Sussexes returning the funds used to renovate Frogmore Cottage to the public purse.”

It Is Being Requested That Harry And Meghan Reimburse The Taxpayers In A Transparent Manner

Last April the two were not reluctant to accept the huge sum from the Sovereign Grant. The money went to fixing up the residence, on the Windsor estate in Berkshire, to their liking.

After the money was spent and the labor put in, the pair decided they didn’t really fancy it after all. They sped out of England and wound up using someone else’s mansion in Canada. Apparently, that wasn’t to their liking either, as they then ditched yet another magnificent residence for one in L.A.

Meghan and Harry are “renting” a mansion near Elton John

Now the two are canoodling in a magnificent mansion in L.A. and sources insist that they are paying rent and not squatting.

And what of the Frogmore Cottage bill they have not yet paid? In January these two wanderers promised that they would pay back what they owe, yet it is not transparent how they will do so and when.

Frogmore Cottage required significant structural work in order to meet the couple’s demands and 35-year old Harry’s dad Prince Charles pitched in to pay for the repairs as well.

Taxpayers Were Made To Fork Out Between £24million-£30million For The Adult Duo’s 2018 Wedding

Generous Harry and Meghan have said they will pony up the money for the enormous cost of protecting them

Last month, after President Trump refused to pay for their personal security, the two said they would handle the cost, reportedly £4million annually.

So, how will these unemployed people pay back the millions of dollars they owe as well as cover their rapidly accumulating debt?

They have formed Archewell, a charitable foundation which is supposed to dispense money to the needy—could it actually be themselves for whom they set up the charity?

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