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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Private Texts to Thomas Markle Revealed

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Private Texts to Thomas Markle RevealedFriday April 24 marks the start date of the hearing brought about by Meghan Markle’s lawsuit against Associated Newspapers Limited for alleged infringement of copyright, breach of privacy, and breach of the Data Protection Act 2018.

Meghan took the action after extracts of a letter she wrote to her father, Thomas Markle, were published.

The hearing will only serve to keep alive an estranged situation between Meghan Markle and her father Thomas Markle

The court filing includes bits and pieces of text messages sent back and forth from Meghan and Harry to Thomas Markle, and they expose a rather nasty war of words as well as quite a bit on tension between the parties.

At that time Harry and Meghan’s wedding was in the news as was her relationship with her father, who did not attend the ceremony.

Cringeworthy is one word that comes to mind after peaking at the messages. One reads, “Oh any speaking to the press WILL backfire, trust me, Tom. Only we can help u, as we have been trying from day.” Even if Tom doesn’t get the message the rest of the world does when the Sussex’s proclaim, ‘Only we can help u.’

Harry and Meghan and Tom shared some heartfelt texts prior to the wedding

Another text read, “Tom, Harry again! Really need to speak to u. U do not need to apologize, we understand the circumstances but ‘going public’ will only make the situation worse. If u love Meg and want to make it right please call me as there are two other options which don’t involve u having to speak to the media, who incidentally created this whole situation. So please call me so I can explain. Meg and I are not angry, we just need to speak to u. Thanks.”

Inside the pile of documents, readers find out that Meghan reportedly learned of her father’s heart attack from TMZ.

Why does Thomas Markle need security?

Interestingly, the documents reveal that the Sussex’s were eager to send their security detail to, “be a presence on the ground to make sure you’re safe,” a gesture Thomas refused.

The Associated Newspapers contend as part of its defense that the Duchess, “did not have a reasonable expectation of privacy that the contents of the letter were private and would remain so.”

The gloves are off royal watchers! Come back often, we will keep you updated on the latest developments in what has become one of many beefs against the media of the part of the Sussexes.

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