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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Spoilers: Lil Scrappy Cuts Off Momma Dee

scrappy love and hip hop atlanta, wife bambi bensonLove and Hip Hop Atlanta spoilers show Lil Scrappy isn’t talking to his mother, Momma Dee. Scrappy loves her, he worries about her, and he wants what’s best for her. But he’s also cut her off. LHHATL spoilers show Scrappy had to after Momma Dee went too far.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Spoilers 2020: Momma Dee Crossed A Line

Momma Dee crossed a line she shouldn’t have with him and he’s not ready to forgive her just yet. He’s going to need time to get over it. Scrappy had tried to play peacemaker between Momma Dee and his mother-in-law Cece, Bambi Benson’s mom.

Momma Dee and Cece had a falling out after an alleged physical altercation and so both Scrappy and his wife Bambi tried having a family dinner with everyone because they wanted the older women to put their issues with each other to the side. And unfortunately, this dinner was a complete bust.

LHHATL 2020 Spoilers – Bambi Benson’s Mom And Momma Dee At War

Cece started making comments. She was being horrible with the things she said and it was clear that she wanted to provoke Momma Dee, but Momma Dee had the ultimate card up her sleeve. She had a fake obituary she created for Cece on her and she handed it out to everyone at the dinner.

Momma Dee had been her usual crazy self. But this time she went too far because Cece had only recently survived a bout of cancer and so her family was still healing.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta – Scrappy’s Mom Crossed A Line

Momma should have remembered that last part. She should have realized how sensitive everyone would be around the possibly of Cece’s death and she shouldn’t have created fake obituaries. They were a step too far. Momma Dee’s son and prince even thought they were a step too far.

Scrappy hasn’t spoken to his mother since the dinner. Both he and wife Bambi Benson have cut off all contact with Momma Dee and there’s no telling when they will be ready to speak to her again.

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