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The Queen Is Celebrating Her Birthday on Zoom with the Royal Family

The Queen Is Celebrating Her Birthday on Zoom with the Royal FamilyApril 21 is Queen Elizabeth’s birthday and this year the celebration will be a bit different than in years past. Of course, we’re talking about the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown, meaning that the monarch will enjoy a virtual celebration this year!

The longest-serving monarch will have a virtual birthday party this year

Queen Elizabeth’s 94th birthday is definitely cause for celebration and COVID-19 won’t keep the royal family from doing just that. The plan is to honor and reach out to the queen via Zoom.

Under the circumstance, the party will be a bit more circumspect than the usual gala that takes place annually. The queen loves pageantry and every year the country stands up and takes notice of the monarch with a huge parade in her honor.

This year things are noticeably different due to the ongoing precautions taking place due to the coronavirus crisis

There is no doubt that being in isolation as Queen Elizabeth is, is a huge change-up from her usual routine which included plenty of public time. But reports are that while the queen is away from the public, she has kept in touch with her family digitally.

According to the Daily Mail, the royal family will all gather on Zoom this year to wish Her Majesty a happy birthday, and, “Aides have been planning to set-up video calls to mark the celebration instead, allowing the Queen’s children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to wish her a happy birthday.”

The Queen’s great-grandchildren, grandchildren, and children will all recognize her birthday via Zoom

In years past the queen’s birthday was celebrated by the giant parade known as Trooping the Colour, and a traditional gun salutation.

Speaking to People, one of the queen’s aides stated that she didn’t think it “appropriate” to have the salute this year, “She was keen that no special measures were put in place for gun salutes as she didn’t think it is appropriate in the current lockdown circumstances when people are being requested not to gather and to stay at home. It is thought that it’s the first time in her reign that the salutes have not taken place.”

Her Majesty’s reticence is refreshing in light of some of her kin’s gaudy bid to grab the spotlight. While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are in L.A. they have made it a point to remain in the news, turning food delivery for charity into a photo op.

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