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LHHMIA Spoilers: Fans Drag Joseline Hernandez Over A Risqué Photo

LHHMIA: Joseline HernandezJoseline Hernandez is a beautiful woman. Everyone can at least agree on that and so there was no need for stunts or a fans only page. The “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star “uploaded a sultry photo of herself dressed in a silk black button-up blouse that showcased her nip slip, and black slacks. Hernandez completed her look with a Fendi choker and a burgundy bone-straight hairstyle”.

Love And Hip Hop Miami Spoilers –  Fans Only

But then she wrote the words “Fans only 👀👀👀”. She posted this highly sexualized photo of herself for her fans and her fans responded by telling her she was too old for stunts like this.

One fan wrote, “Sister its time to cover up yes ur beautiful, but let’s concentrate on our talents, can u sing, dance draw, that would be beautiful, our children need inspiration, show us them how to do nails, hair makeup that looks beautiful on u too, I am a fan, of urs but now its time to do something more creatively ✌❤😊👍.”

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Fans only 👀👀👀

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It seems the fans are tired of Hernandez playing on her looks. She was a smart woman and she was on several reality shows at once. She could easily make herself over as the Ultimate Reality Queen. She didn’t have to play into being a sex idol or the ultimate side chick because she’s been there and done that.

Joseline was also newly engaged. She had to convince her boyfriend DJ Balistic Beats to propose to her by taking him on “Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition” and have him go through sessions with a therapist. One of the things they found out while they were there was that their relationship wasn’t as stable as she would have liked.

So, maybe she should finally let go of the stripper mentality. She was a boss now and the strippers worked her.

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