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TLC Little People, Big World Spoilers: Is Tori Roloff’s recent post about Audrey Roloff?

On “Little People, Big World,” Tori Roloff recently made a post on Instagram, which seems to throw shade at Audrey Roloff. In Tori’s post, she expressed her gratitude for being able to go to Roloff Farms, something that Audrey doesn’t seem to realize.

Avid followers of the show know that Audrey and husband Jeremy faced backlash for their privilege, which they don’t appear to be thankful for. Amy and Matt co-manages a farm and all their family members are free to enjoy it. Just like Tori, Audrey and her family get to enjoy the farm, too. Yet, it seems like they’re unaware of the luxuries they have.

Tori Grateful For Roloff Farms Amid The Pandemic

Tori started her post with, “We loved celebrating resurrection Sunday yesterday He lives!.”

“All honor and power are His all glory forever amen, JESUS LIVES! He is our living hope. Drop a 🙌 emoji in the comments below if you believe it too!” she continued.

Tori is nothing but thankful for being able to go out in the farm with her kids to explore and breathe some fresh air amid the ongoing coronavirus lockdown. Her post came two weeks after Audrey and Jeremey were slammed by fans for their privilege.

Fans Call Out Audrey And Jeremy For Privilege

The couple talked about the challenges they were facing on their podcast. Their followers reacted when they said they’re “cooped up.” Unlike others, they didn’t have problems with money, they have a farm where their kids can run around, and they’re not worried about losing a job or having nothing to eat.

One fan said, “I understand you don’t understand what the majority of us are dealing with. You are wealthy. You have the farm to go to. I am low-income. Yet needed. I put my family at risk every day to bring people food and supplies.”

Tori Sends Love and Support To Everyone Amid The Crisis

It didn’t take too long for fans to react to her post. One fan shared that they’re not doing right now. It’s a difficult time for everyone especially those who are living from paycheck to paycheck. A lot of people have lost their job. Aside from their financial problem, many of them are also suffering from mental health issues.

Tori is sympathetic over their plights. She said, I can’t imagine some families who aren’t as fortunate as us and we pray for them every day. We also pray we get through this soon!”

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