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LHHATL Spoilers: Benzino Wants Karlie Redd Back

LHHATL BenzinoLHHATL spoilers show Benzino isn’t over Karrlie Redd. He may claim he’s over her and yet that doesn’t stop him from messaging her online. According to CheatSheet, Redd and Benzino got into a spat on Instagram after Redd posted some direct messages that she claimed were from Benzino.

LHHATL Spoilers: Karlie Redd Exposes Benzino

Redd tried to expose Benzino on social media, posting what she said were screenshots of Benzino’s constant messages to her. And the drama doesn’t end there.

In the alleged conversation, it looked like Benzino sent several messages to Redd to which she didn’t respond. He sent things like “You look beautiful tonight. As always” and “You look amazing Karlie.” Benzino is clearly doing his best to flirt. He reached out over social media because he might have figured it would have been safer that way than to try and contact Redd in person.

But his moves were dated and so was he. Redd moved on for a reason. She isn’t interested in blacksliding with her ex and she was in a much happier place now.

LHHATL Spoilers: Is Karlie Redd Using Benzino?

But she poked the hornet’s nest when she showed off Benzino’s messages. In a post on Instagram post, Benzino insinuated that Redd was trying to get at him because he is back on reality television and that she needs a storyline. He wrote in part, “For a couple of years nobody mentioned nothing about me, now I’m back on tv and all of a sudden here comes the bs.”

Benzino tried to claim that the messages were a nonstory but they were real and they did indicate that he was interested in Karlie Redd.

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