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’90 Days Fiancé’ Spoilers: Colt Johnson And Mother Debbie Johnson Talk Life In Quarantine

90 Day Fiance’: Self Quarantine’s Colt Johnson and Debbie Johnson at down with E-News to discuss how life has changed in Las Vegas while in Quarantine.

Breakfast Is Important

90 Days Debbie makes breakfast while talking about their life in quarantine. Debbie explains how to make proper scrambled eggs before sitting down for breakfast with Colt. According to Debbie, scrambled eggs are always good and almost fail-proof.

As Debbie scrambles the eggs she and Colt discuss how they never thought Sunset Strip in Vegas would ever be shut down. Unfortunately, none of us thought we would see anything like this quarantine in our lifetime and hope that we won’t see it again any time soon.

Vegas Was A Bustling City

Before the quarantine, the 90 Days stars talked about how busy the strip used to be. With the Vegas casinos always open there would be a consistent flow of people in and out of the business located on the strip. Of course, the strip is also famous for no so innocent traffic either.

With social distancing, some of the older professions that used to be readily available in Vegas has to be done privately if at all. It is nearly impossible for adult entertainment venues to be open in Vegas at this time because closeness is a part of the business.

The Cats Seem To Have Cabin Fever

The camera pans across the floor to show at least four cats on the floor, two of which are wrestling and seem to have cabin fever themselves. One can only imagine how stir crazy the Vegas residents are going not being able to get out and do anything that they were used to doing every day. Of course, Colt has his mom to video him sitting at the table and she refers to him as perfect, which he readily agrees to.

One cannot help but think how Larissa Dos Santos Lima would comment to that because he was shown far from perfect on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance’. Colt does comment that he has lost some weight while insinuating that he would probably not recognize his ex-wife because maybe she had gained weight.

Debbie asks if Colt has heard from Larissa before the clip cuts to the 90 Days logo. However, if Debbie has made peace with Larissa and Colt wants nothing to do with her, why even bring her up. Debbie does say that the best way to get through this quarantine is to concentrate on the good things in your life and not dwell on the bad. Perhaps, for once, mama’s words of wisdom ring true.

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