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TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Denies Show Is Scripted, Says ‘We Show Shit Happening to Us’

Sisterwives - Kody BrownAfter fourteen seasons of Sisterwives, fans are convinced it has to be scripted. However, Kody Brown claims it isn’t “ we show shit happening to us,” Kody claims.

TLC Sister Wives Spoilers – The Stuff Movies Are Made Of

The Sisterwives drama of the past few years seems to be the things that movies are made of instead of real life. Can anyone family go through the drama that the Brown’s have been through? Things have honestly been going awry since Meri Brown wanted another child and Kody refused to agree.

Even when Sisterwife Robyn offered to carry that baby for them. Kody refused to agree to another child with Meri no matter how they would get this child. This was followed by their divorce and then Meri getting caught up in the catfishing scheme.

TLC Sister Wives Spoilers – The Moving Constantly

The Brown family has moved several times on Sisterwives through the years. The Browns started out in Utah where they were facing imprisonment for polygamy. Fans saw the Browns pack up and move to Las Vegas. It seems that such a large family would have issues going to Las Vegas, purchasing property and building four expensive homes would be out of the realm of possibility. Fans wonder where all the money comes from, especially after Robyn Brown’s recent rant that Kody is a nightmare when it comes to getting a mortgage because he is married to three other women. The irony of that statement is that Robyn knew this when she married Kody but the spiritual and the legal time. Robyn was the fourth and so far last wife.

TLC Sister Wives Spoilers – The Family Dynamic Seems Volatile

This season’s Sisterwives drama has been off the charts. How is it possible that this family has been together for so long and yet all of a sudden, there seems to be constantly fighting. If Kody was so unhappy with Meri for 25 years, why wait until Robyn came along to divorce? If Robyn was so concerned over the other three wives, why marry into the family?

If Janelle has been unhappy with Meri for all these years, why is she still there? If Christine doesn’t want to live in one house, why stay in the last one as long as she did? If everyone is so upset over the housing in Arizona, why is the world would they have packed up and moved? There has never been this much drama in the Brown family. The drama seems scripted instead of normal family issues. The Browns have always worked through their problems but now it seems much harder to get through.

This season has seemed to be the most scripted yet. It seems that the show is starting to focus on more and more drama. Although Kody Brown promises this is things that happen in their life and nothing is faked. Whether scripted or not, the drama this season has been much more dominant than ever before.

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