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LHHATL Spoilers: Sierra Gates Gets Called Out For Abandoning Daughter

LHHATL: Sierra Gates

Sierra Gates is usually a good mother. She wants what is best for her children and her children seem to love her for it. But she most have lost her damn mind because she went on a girl’s trip with a child that needed her at home.

Gates’s daughter Paris had needed her. Paris was brutally assaulted at school by fellow students and one of their mothers. The people responsible for assaulting Paris had been found out and in one case charged, but that doesn’t mean Paris is suddenly going to feel safe. She’s going to need time to heal and this little girl was also going to need her mother at her side to help her through it.

Gates wasn’t going to be doing that. She decided that she wanted to go on this trip no matter what. It didn’t even matter that she was leaving her still traumatized child behind to go skiing and so Gates was being very selfish. She could have pulled out of the trip. Its what Rasheeda did. Rasheeda’s stepson got in a situation that needed tending to and she stayed back from the trip, which is why many viewers have not understood why Gate couldn’t have stayed back. Like, why?

Why is this trip so important to her? Gates could have gone skiing at any time and if she had to do it now then why didn’t invite her daughter along?

Gates’s Karlie Redd was thinking the same thing. In her confessional, Redd, who was also on the trip, said in part, “I’m sorry if my daughter just got assaulted on worldwide news, I’m not going on any trip, and if I do, my daughter’s going with me.”

There was no reason for Gates to go on this trip and leave her daughter.

Again, it was selfish!

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