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LHHATL Spoilers: Kirk Frost Denies Having Adopted His Own Wife

LHHATL: Kirk Frost

Kirk Frost has been talked about for ages. Fans talk because Frost gives them plenty of reason to and so Frost only has himself to blame for the latest rumors. The sane rumors that are about his marriage.

Frost and his wife Rasheeda just celebrated their twentieth anniversary. They’ve had rough patches in the past in which he denied being the father of their baby and that he has had affairs. Frost even fathered a child outside of his marriage. Frost and his wife Rasheeda had to do some serious work on their marriage and now that they’re good again – there are these rumors that are stirring everything up.

The first rumor was about how old Rasheeda was at the time of their marriage. She claims to be thirty-seven and a twentieth anniversary would indicate that she was seventeen when she got married. Fans began asking her about it to see if their calculations were true and Rasheeda denied it. She said she was in school when she was seventeen and not someone’s bride. But the anniversary and her date of birth have had people scratching their heads because they did the calculation for Frost’s age as well. Frost would have been in his thirties when he got married. He was more or less an adult while she was a child bride.

This is why people are calling Frost a predator. The fans believe that Frost took advantage of Rasheeda and it looks worse every time more information comes out. Take this latest rumor about an adoption. Rasheeda was young when she met Frost. He was in her life while she was a teenager and her mother allegedly wanted to follow her stepfather to a different state. Rasheeda hadn’t wanted to go with her mother. She wanted to stay behind and so she needed a legal guardian to stay with her and that’s where people are saying Frost stepped in.

According to rumor, Frost became the legal guardian to his underage girlfriend and that’s how they were able to get married so young. But both Kirk Frost and his wife Rasheeda have denied these adoption rumors. They said it never happened and that Frost never took advantage of her.

There’s just one problem with these denials.

It’s the fact that there’s footage of Frost admitting to dropping his then-girlfriend off at school when she was seventeen.

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