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TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Maddie Brown Speaks On Daughter’s FATCO Diagnosis

Sister Wives Maddie Brown Brush hasn’t opened up onscreen about her daughter’s rare condition. However, with the birth airing online, Maddie reflects on her daughter’s FATCO diagnosis. Spoilers show that the baby is rushed to the hospital shortly after birth but fans weren’t aware that the baby had known birth issues until now. What is FATCO and what does it mean for baby Evie?

Sister Wives – Why Maddie Remained Silent

Sisterwives’ Maddie found out at her 28-week checkup that something was amiss with her child. Maddie states that she knew something was wrong when her normal appointment lasted for two hours instead of the usual forty-five minutes or less. However, Maddie didn’t know the severity of the condition at the time.

Maddie was shown on air saying she was tired of being pregnant and wanted her daughter to come. However, the obvious excitement of her daughter’s birth was also overshadowed by the uncertainty of the baby’s condition. Maddie was afraid to discuss the condition because she didn’t want her daughter to be cyber bullied over her condition. After receiving the diagnosis, Maddie felt it was important to bring awareness to the extremely rare condition and its implications.

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"Though she be but little, she is fierce." 💛 . . A question I get 2-3 times a day is; "will Evie's limb differences affect her development?" For a long time, I couldn't even answer that. I assumed she might have a delay crawling, standing and walking. Evie so quickly proved my assumptions wrong. She crawled so quickly and now pulls herself up to standing. It looks different than what is considered "normal" but she is one determined little girl. . . A couple of days after her birth the geneticist we worked with told us that, she sees most babies born with limb difference adapt REALLY well. When you don't know anything else, how could it not be what you consider normal? . . Fun fact for you; The CDC estimates that 1 in every 1,900 babies are born with a limb difference. These differences are in a range of missing fingers to a difference that affects all 4 limbs. . . #limbdifferencepride #limbdifferenceawareness #luckyfinsrock #EvieK #FATCOmom #olygodactyly #tenfingersareoverrated #advocatelikeamother

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What Is FATCO Syndrome?

Sisterwives Maddie’s daughter has Fibular aplasia tibia campomelia oligosyndactyly abbreviated FATCO syndrome. FATCO is a genetic disorder that causes limb malformation. When Evie was born, (seen on-air in the season finally Sunday, April 12) she was missing a thumb, a toe, one leg was missing the fibula, and the tibia was bowed on one leg.

However, these details were not released on the show, instead, fans will see where the baby was rushed to the hospital due to breathing difficulties. Maddie decided later to open up about the disorder because she wants her daughter to be proud of who she is but also she hopes her decision might help other parents who are struggling.

TLC Sister Wives – After Shock Came Guilt

Sisterwives Maddie admits that she was blindsided by her daughter’s diagnosis. Maddie might have expected something to be wrong but limb difference didn’t enter her mind. Afterward, the guilt set in because Maddie wondered if she did something wrong to cause her daughter’s defects.

Maddie admits to thinking about how Evie’s life would be so much different than she had expected. Maddie was sad and guilty over being upset because it could have been much worse. Maddie admits to having to force herself to shut up and realize that everything else seemed to be ok. Maddie has since begun working with Born Just Right an organization that helped her realize that her reaction was normal and ok.

Sisterwives Maddie states that Evie has to be a year old before they can consider any options that might help her. However, in the meantime, Maddie and Caleb, along with the rest of the Brown family will help Evie to live the best life she can.

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