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Princess Love Shares Cute Videos of Melody and Epic

Princess Love kidsLove and Hip Hop Hollywood spoilers show it wasn’t all doom and gloom with Princess Love. She took to social media to share videos and photos of her two children Melody and Epic. Both babies take after mom.

They look just like her and they appear to be happy. The children were having fun playing with filters on Mommy’s phone. They did some silly videos with Princess Love and at one point Melody was seen to be really interested in her brother’s ear.

The two children didn’t appear to be affected by all the drama. They probably have no idea what’s going on with their parents or their new tv show.


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Best friends ❤️

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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood – Princess Love and Ray J

Princess Love and her Ray J Norwood were filming a new show called “The Conversation”. In it, they discuss the breakdown of their marriage and where they are with each other now. They talked about the Las Vegas issue. They mentioned how after Ray J had abandoned his family in Las Vegas that he went to a strip club and had himself a little party.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood – Ray J And Princess Love’s New Show

But he didn’t seem to feel guilty about it. Ray J if anything was upset with Princess because he said her social media post calling him out had costed him a two-million dollar deal and so he was still missing the point.


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My favorite little man ❤️

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Ray J was still failing to grasp how much of a betrayal it was when he abandoned them like that. He was accused of going to strip clubs and cheating on her and oddly he still believed their marriage could be saved.

Viewers can watch the inevitable on the Zeus Network.

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