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LHHNY Spoilers: Yandy Smith-Harris Gets Roasted For Social Media Post

Yandy Harris, LHHNYThere is nothing worse than having the fans angry at you. LHHNY Yandy Smith-Harris knows the feeling well because her own fans have been coming for her and this time they were doing it over something stupid.

Fans were angry with Yandy because they thought she was flaunting her body on social media. It seems they weren’t comfortable with her behavior because they felt she should be demure and should only take pride in her appearance when her husband was around, but that’s so prehistoric.

LHHNY Spoilers: Yandy Smith’s Fans Are Not Impressed

Yandy is an adult. She doesn’t need anyone’s permission to post on social media and so the fans were going too far this time.

What sparked this fight was a mere photo of Yandy at the piano. She wore “a long-sleeved pink crop top that showed off her back and matching leggings that hugged her curves”. Smith posed on the piano bench with her backside facing the camera and her mouth slightly open.

She captioned her post, “I want piano lessons…any teachers avail? ☺️Virtual lessons ofcourse 🥰 @mendeecees can you teach me? #socialdistancing”. She was clearly teasing her husband. He just got out of prison and they now have all the time in the world to hang out or talk. She also was just playing around because she was stuck inside all day and was probably bored as well.

Yandy did nothing wrong. But the fans came for her all the same. One fan said “I was just shocked because I’m not use to one of my favorite lady’s showing her beauty in the booty lol”.


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LHHNY Spoilers: Yandy Claps Back At Trolls

Yandy responded to this person. She wrote “I wasn’t. It depends on how you view things. One might say I’m showing the back of the outfit (that I got paid to ahow), or the piano or the floors. It’s all about about perspectives.”. Yandy had also tagged her husband with the post. He has yet to comment but once he does – this will all blow away.

The fans were hating on her for no reason & she didn’t even need to respond to them!

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