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LHHATL Spoilers: Rasheeda Frost Returns To Instagram With Stylish New Post

LHHATL: Rasheeda Frost

Rasheeda Frost is putting those old rumors behind her. She hasn’t spoken out since that one instant someone confronted her on being too young for marriage while her husband Kirk was far too old for it. It could have been acceptable back then for the discrepancy in their ages, but people are looking at him now like he’s a predator and that he robbed Rasheeda of her youth.

Kirk was in his thirties when he got married. His wife was a teen bride and she should have been thinking about college. Not marriage! Rasheeda claims she wasn’t seventeen when she got married and at the same time she claims she’s thirty-seven now. And so the math doesn’t add up.

She’s been married for twenty years. They just held a celebration in honor of it and so she was either lying about her age or her marriage.

But Rasheeda was no longer discussing either and she seemingly moved onto better things with a recent post. She posted a photo of herself. She “sported a purple, yellow, blue and pink pastel jumpsuit that hugged her curves and displayed her narrow shoulders.

She complimented her fashion look with minimum accessories including a beaded bracelet and stud earrings. The reality star also opted for a sleek bun and simple makeup look”. The look was from her store Pressed.

Rasheeda was still running a business after all. She appears to be focusing on that during the pandemic and so good for her.

At least she has one thing that will never betray her.

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