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LHHATL Spoilers: Momma Dee Went Too Far This Time

LHHATL Momma Dee is eccentric. She shot to fame on “Love & Hip Hop: ATL” by being this loud and amusing character. She was great for tv. She also just seems like a fun person to get to know because she truly does see herself as this majestic queen.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Momma Dee’s Antics On LHHATL

Momma Dee’s son Lil Scrappy is her prince and the show has been her castle since Season 1. Momma Dee runs things. She knows she runs things and its why the sudden inclusion of Bambi’s family hasn’t gone smoothly because Bambi’s mother Cece doesn’t like Momma Dee.

Cece technically came for Momma Dee first. Cece told her she didn’t like her. She even told her why she didn’t like her and so Momma Dee has hated her ever since. The two women argue all the time. They exchange hateful words and its been hard for them to share a space much less a grandson.

Their poor grandson. Its not his fault that Cece and Momma Dee were forced to attend the same events and the little boy often cries when his grandmothers start acting up. He responds to the environment he’s in. He get upsets when he hears them get upset and so his parents have tried to make things better.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Spoilers: Bambi And Scrappy Can’t Control their Crazy Moms

Both Bambi and Scrappy have talked to their mothers. They told them to get on the same page because they were all one family and neither side wanted to give in. Cece goes in for the name-calling while Momma Dee tries to pretend she’s not there.

Momma Dee creates fake obituaries for Cece because she said the other woman is dead to her. The last part admittedly went too far, but that’s how much these two women hate each other, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to put their issues aside anytime soon.

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