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Little People Big World Spoilers: Amy Roloff Peddles Fudge In The Middle Of COVID-19 Crisis

Amy Roloff Little People Big WorldWhile other stars are taking to social media to offer support to fans struggling to get through this COVID-19 pandemic, LPBW Amy Roloff chose to show off her new kitchen and throw in a plug for fans to purchase her fudge.

Little People Big World Spoilers: Ordering Candy During A Pandemic

LPBW’s Amy leaves this writer shaking her head. We have a worldwide pandemic going on. Most stars are taking to social media to encourage people to stay in and stick to all the rules our states and countries have been enforcing at the moment.

Of course, Amy chose to tell fans to E-connect and then starts trying to sell her fudge out of her kitchen. Now personally, I have no intention of buying candy out of anyone’s little kitchen with a pandemic going on. Even reality show stars are susceptible to the virus so your stuff and stay in your own kitchen is my theory on this. If a virus can be transmitted on cardboard, paper bags, etc. why would anyone order candy through the mail right now?

Little People Big World Spoilers: Spread A Little Joy

LPBW Amy wants us to spread a little joy to our family and friends. Perhaps send fudge to a teacher, health care worker, etc. But who are we really spreading joy to? Are fans supposed to spend their stimulus checks to purchase this fudge?

Frankly, Swiss Colony or Figis would be about as affordable. It’s bad enough that we have to order food from our favorite restaurants and carry it home to eat it. But 12 ounces of fudge for $36.95, that would be a family takeout meal price for some. Does she not realize that other people are out of work as well? For that price, we could do a school project and make our own fudge.

Little People Big World Spoilers: Do Health Care Workers Need Fudge?

Honestly, I don’t know what LPBW’s Amy is thinking but why in the world would health care working want fudge sent to them right now? They need supplies that their hospital may be lacking.

Teachers aren’t at school right now either so are they giving out home addresses? Families are much more concerned about their loved ones getting this virus than they are about someone sending them candy.

I’m all for keeping in contact but most of us have a family to feed and ordering candy that we could make ourselves and sending it to people who could be put at risk by the packaging just isn’t something I would be willing to risk. Sorry, Amy but you might want to wait until after the danger has passed to be drumming up business for your little kitchen…

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