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LHHNY: Alexis Skyy Twerks In Sloppy House And Joe Budden Roasts Her

Alexis SkyyLHHNY Joe Budden doesn’t mess around. When he sees something, he says something. He was even willing to go there with Alexis Skyy after she posted a video of herself twerking online and Budden’s first response was to tell her that her house is messy.

Love and Hip Hop: Joe Budden Calls Out Alexis Skyy

Joe Budden noticed the state of her home in the background of the footage. She hadn’t cleaned up after herself and she probably thought her twerking behind would take up the focus, but not with Budden. He spotted her untidy home and he called her out on it.

Skyy joined Lanez’s Live session and seemed more than ready to make it clap for her 4 million followers. The “Talk to Me” singer hyped Skyy up and began playing music in the background. The makeup-free model placed her booty in front of the camera and started gyrating for Lanez and social media users in tiny white shorts.

Love & Hip Hop: Alexis Skyy Gets Roasted By The Internet

“As Lanez kept screaming for Skyy to “go crazy,” Budden lurked into the session’s comments and roasted Skyy and her home. The retired “Pump It Up” rapper wrote, “House a mess but she ready lol.”

Budden called Skyy out. He was soon followed by several fans who enjoyed watching the comments he posted. One fan wrote: “😂I hate him he also stated ‘that a– isnt going to vacuum’ had Me Cryinggg😂😂”. Another fan wrote: “Joe budden comment got me weak 🤣🤣🤣 tell her to clean that mf house of hers!”. And really everyone got a laugh out of it.

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