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Does a Charity Matter if You Have to Tell People it Matters? – How Awful is Meghan Markle’s New Brand?

Does a Charity Matter if You Have to Tell People it Matters? - How Awful is Meghan Markle's New Brand?Could Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get any more pretentious than they already are? That’s what royal fans are asking these days online. It’s like Harry and Meghan live on an entirely different planet. With British Prime Minister Boris Johnson fighting for his life in a medical intensive care unit, those who love the British royal family have absolutely had it.

One poster in an online forum sarcastically noted that “So, the first thing that strikes me. Archie is one of the most popular names with the British posh right now (you know, Harry’s old friends he used to have), and it has been in the top-15 boy names in the UK for the last years, but did Harry and Meghan choose it because it is a popular name? Oh no, they actually went and looked for the Ancient Greek word for ‘source of action’, as you do, and it so happened to sound like Archie! Isn’t that amazing? So awesome.”

As everyone knows by now, Meghan and Harry announced the formation of their new charity and the couple did, indeed, name the organization “Archewall.” While some might try muttering that name under their breath, rolling it around on their tongue to see if it remotely sounds weird or not, the unnamed poster above was not far off. Harry and Meghan did indeed choose the “Archewall” name for its meaning. It’s all about strength and action, you see.

However, the trouble is that it seems Harry and Meghan don’t really say much about what form “strength” and “action” will take once Archewall is functional. Meghan and Harry simply seemed to blather on in their press release about how they want to do something that matters in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic. This too was fuel for critics.

“They [Harry and Meghan] want the world focused on the coronavirus pandemic. We, helpless souls, may want to focus on other things, but Meghan and Harry are having none of that. So this and nothing else is the reason why they were not releasing the exciting news of their non-profit to the world (until now). Because you know, if they did that, the excitement would be so great, we would stop focusing on the pandemic, to focus on them instead. And they would not want that, would they? It must be so hard to bear such responsibilities…”

Most normal people can relate to the sour note of sarcasm in the quote above. That’s because Meghan and Harry always seem to be crying about the media and how horrible it is that they are being watched. Yet now, Meghan and Harry call in the powers of “good media” to aid them in their quest to stay relevant. Meghan and Harry had to release the name of their new non-profit (that seems very for-profit) because you know … the good of the people and all that.

It’s essential that the world is made aware of their non-profit film production/media production company (for that is what Archewall is) during this dark time in world history. Now that everyone knows, the nations can rejoice!

The truth, however, is that some royal fans who criticize Megan and Harry’s attempts to stay relevant are right. One has to ask the question, how much does anything matter if you have to shout that it matters? Moreover, in the grand scheme of things, a hundred years from now when our children’s children look back on 2020, will they be talking about Prince William and Kate Middleton who stepped up to bolster the British people?

Or will they be talking about Harry and Meghan’s charity that aims to include the production of “motion picture films, articles, books, audiobooks, podcasts, audiovisual entertainment, television shows, digital entertainment content, and informational programming … with strength and action?

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