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Could Hollywood’s Infatuation with Meghan and Harry be More Fleeting than The Former Royal Couple Imagines?

Could Hollywood's Infatuation with Meghan and Harry be More Fleeting than The Former Royal Couple Imagines?If there’s one thing that many can agree upon, it’s the fickle nature of the entertainment industry. Fans of the British royal family might wish that they could point this fact out to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Some might wonder if Harry and Meghan thought about this fact before deciding to undertake their “Megxit” venture. While it may be true, that for a time life for Meghan and Harry may be roses without the thorns, it’s also possible the couple may be in for the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

Now, royal watchers know that Meghan Markle has had some success as a television actress in her past. Meghan was one of the main stars for some time on the hit television series, “Suits.” Outside of her role on Suits, Meghan was a guest star as well on numerous and sundry programs.

In recent years, just before Megxit went through, Meghan achieved a voice-over deal with Disney, and since Harry and Meghan completely stepped back from their royal duties as senior members of the Royal Family, the couple has received offers for cameo roles on another hit TV series, “The Simpsons.” This seems encouraging, of course. It means Meghan isn’t altogether washed up as an actress. The Duchess of Sussex can still land paying work in Hollywood!

Indeed, Meghan has taken meetings with producers and agents and has reportedly put out the word that she wants to do films with an ensemble cast. Perhaps Meghan might be able to land roles in some romantic comedies, etc. Even Harry has had a touch of success. Prince Harry is reported to be in talks with Oprah to do some type of documentary series.

With all that said, however, Harry and Meghan are keeping up with a royal walloping of a lifestyle. Prince Harry and Meghan are spending a tremendous amount to maintain the image of a privileged, rich and famous couple. From security to reports of house hunting in the neighborhood of $15 Million homes in Malibu,

Harry and Meghan don’t seem to be set on any sort of humble beginnings. Instead, it appears Meghan and Harry want to be absolutely memorable. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex appear to want to take Hollywood by storm and use the “royal” adjective for all it’s worth.

Many royal fans might agree that those in Hollywood all seem to suffer from a tad bit of narcissism. They all are afflicted with delusions of grandeur and visions of inflated self-worth. However, should the media’s attention turn to Prince William and Kate Middleton, to their children, to any other member of the royal family and for any length of time, Harry and Meghan may find that Hollywood’s attention has also shifted.

While some may feel Meghan and Harry might get the fate they deserve in such a case, one in which they slowly fade into oblivion, others just feel sad that the lives of these two have been so contrary to the hopes and dreams of Buckingham Palace.

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