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TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Divided Over Kody And Meri’s Troubled Marriage

Sister Wives are now involving themselves in the Kody and Meri drama. Their feud ignited in the latest episode of the TLC series. Fans of the long-running series are choosing sides in a feud that has reached its tipping point. On Sunday night’s episode, Kody and Meri traveled to Las Vegas to visit a marriage counselor. It’s apparent that Meri was unhappy in her marriage for some time.

The latest episode had her saying that the romance has died. Kody didn’t offer any support during their therapy session. He came up with reasons why they should have never gotten married in the first place. Kody explained of the promises he made to Meir in the fundamentalist temple where they got married in 1990. His face was overcome with regret.

It’s Apparent That Meri Was Unhappy In Her Marriage For Some Time

“I feel like I was deceived into those covenants,” he told the TLC producers. “Meri and I had a very fast courtship with a lot of expectations, a lot of not communicating, and I didn’t really know the person I was marrying.”

This comes amid the rumors that Kody is searching for his fifth wife. Since each of his relationship are falling apart, he wants to expand his family and add another wife.

“As things unfolded, I started to become very troubled, even bitter by the situation I was in,” Kody explained. “I had gotten to a point where I was ready to wash my hands [of my relationship with Meri].”

He explained to the marriage counselor that he stayed in this relationship “out of moral obligations that I made covenants to in deception.” Kody said he also made a “commitment,” before slamming Meri once again.

Sister Wives Fans Have Mixed Reaction Over The Episode

“She goes completely into victim mode,” Kody said. He also claimed that he’s been trying to “save” Meri for years. It’s gotten to the point where Kody feels burned out and can no longer feel guilty because she’s unhappy.

“I cannot be her Jesus,” Kody said. “I tried doing that for years. I got a rescue complex. All I’m trying to point out here, it’s just exhausting sometimes.”

Sister Wives fans have mixed reaction over the episode. Some are team Kody, while others are on Team Meri. But most fans aren’t sure who to root for in this feud. Whose side are you on? Team Kody or Team Meri? Sound off below in the comments section.

Sister Wives airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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