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LHHNY: 50Cent & Jim Jones Beef Is Played Out, And More Childish Than Middle School Girls

Jim Jones, LHHNYThis issue between 50Cent and LHHNY Jim Jones has now grown to include even more people. The latest person to join the argument is Maino.

Maino liked an Instagram post from Jones. This in turn was spotted by 50 or at least his people and so he responded by posing some crap online. He wrote “I learn something new everyday. See i looked out for this guy when he needed help. I made a call to get him his deal but people forget. being a good judge of character is detrimental to success and people change so you have to watch them. if you stay on point you will peep the change.”

Love and Hip Hop NY: Jim Jones and 50Cent Beef

50 thought Maino was being disloyal for liking Jones’s post. It was very schoolyard politics of him. He didn’t think his friends should be friendly with people he was fighting with and so he reminded the other man that he was the one that gave him his first step up.  Not Jones.

50 wanted some sign of loyalty from Maino and so Maino had to respond to the bullying tactic. He wrote “Lol Nah I ain’t forget…Never will. You OverThinking Brah”.

Maino thinks they will laugh about this later. He fails to grasp how truly petty 50 can be because there’s no way he’s going to forget about what happened.

Maino Gets Dragged In To 50 And Jim’s Drama

He’s bound to hold this over Maino’s head for their rest of their lives. It was petty and still confusing as hell because no one truly understands what kicked it off between 50 and Jones.

It had looked like 50 accused him of being a snitch. He sort of came out of left field with it and so that got Jones’ back up because no one wants to be accused of being a snitch. Even if there might have been some cooperation between him and the feds. And the fact Maino involved himself in this crap is really on him.

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