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LHHMIA Cast Are Calling Out Claudia Jordan For Messy Behavior

Claudia Jordan, LHHMIA ReunionIt wasn’t just LHHMIA fans that hated Claudia Jordan. It was the cast as well. The cast of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” haven’t been feeling Claudia Jordan as their reunion host and they’ve even taken to social to explain why.

On Instagram Live, Saucy Santana said that he had to check Claudia at one point. Both he and Sukihana said Claudia was messy. And Santana thinks Claudia may benefit from favorable editing because the scenes of him calling her out may not actually air. Santana also said he tried to be respectful because she’s old.

Love And Hip Hop Miami – Claudia Jordan Hosts LHHMIA Reunion

Claudia Jordan was new. She replaced Nina Parker as the host of the Love and Hip Hop Miami reunion special. It was therefore her job to ask hard questions and to push the cast into giving her great tv, but it seems she went too far.

Claudia annoyed at least two cast members with her actions. She was probably caught up in the moment and everyone is wondering if the producers will actually show the footage of this argument. Santana believed the footage will be swept aside. He doesn’t think the producers of the show will want anyone calling out Claudia Jordan on her first season.

Love And Hip Hop Miami – Claudia Jordan’s Altercation With LHHMIA Cast Members

But they should totally show the footage! It would make for great ratings. The host being attacked for her questions is such a flip of the script that audience will eat it up.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt if the cast showed how much they agree with the fans by hating on Claudia. Fans were demanding to get Nina back long before the first episode with Claudia even aired and Santana and Sukihana will find like-minded people on the internet.

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